New Orleans Recipes

Cuisine and restaurants in New Orleans

New Orleans is a treasure trove for gastronomic tourism enthusiasts. The city has more than a thousand restaurants, cafes and bars, which are visited every day by thousands of residents and tourists. A record attendance beats the restaurant “GW Purposes”, which specializes in seafood cuisine. The menu of the well-known restaurant changes every day and depends on seafood, which the chef buys in the market. Specialties include crab cakes and oysters cooked in the oven.

The cheap restaurant “Southern Candy makers ” has many healthy dishes and attentive service. Families come here every day. The little gourmets have their menu for the children. The regular customers choose the most delicious pralines in the city in “Southern Candy makers.”

The location of the restaurant “Commander’s Palace ” is a beautiful palace, it is ideal for organizing celebrations. The card base to the local cuisine. The restaurant is trendy among those who cannot imagine a meal without gourmet. You absolutely must taste the turtle soup by the author’s recipe. The luxurious atmosphere that reigns in the restaurant will make a lot of fun.

The restaurant “Boucherie” generally offers a variety of dishes at reasonable prices. Its menu provides many meat dishes; visitors can also order fries and freshly prepared sandwiches. The restaurant “Boucherie” offers a wide choice of desserts. In the evening here there are many guests. Restaurants with Italian cuisine include “Vincent’s Italian Cuisine.”

One of the main distinguishing features of this place is the large size of the portions. It is necessary to order a dish for two. The specialty of this restaurant is spaghetti with vegetable sauces, and seafood lovers must taste the female crab soup. Dear pastry and ice cream lovers, you should prefer the café “Angelo Brocato Ice Cream.” Delicious Italian Desserts, refreshing fruit ice cream and ice cream with a variety of toppings. The cozy and attractive coffee in all respects will be the real Mecca for gourmets. You absolutely must buy fresh rolls and croissants in this coffee, their aroma is excellent.

New Orleans is also a haven of gastronomy. The jazz, the carnival, the nightlife, the surrounding bayou… New Orleans collects the attractions and has built a good reputation among foreign travelers as well as domestic visitors. But the city of Louisiana, on the south coast of the United States, also offers a tempting gastronomy with multiple influences. Gentlemen Travelers looks back at the best culinary specialties in New Orleans. And on famous, trendy, unexpected food spots.

  1. Jambalaya

New Orleans is the signature dish of New Orleans, and more generally of Louisiana. The origin is not determined with certainty (Amerindian, Creole…). What is certain, however, is that this preparation Cajun is worth it! We could make her look like a cousin of the Spanish paella. Basically, a rice base, accompanied by meat (pork sausage, rabbit, beef, chicken…) and/or seafood (shrimp, crayfish, oysters…). And, constantly, spices and spice! Don’t eat too much before because a jambalaya, it stalls… the recipes are also numerous (and jealously guarded!) than the restaurants that offer them. On the other hand, the Coop’s Place in Supreme version at $ 11.95 (1109 Decatur Street, in the French Quarter), an excellent demonstration. But rest assured, you will find them on every street corner, and especially in small portions, if you just want to test them. Or eat something else!

  1. Rice & Beans

It is a bit like Mac & Cheese: it is at the same time an accompaniment, a dish in its own right, a must. It is widespread throughout the Americas, in the Iberian Peninsula and, in various forms, in many other countries. So it’s not a specialty of the region, but it’s so common that it could be considered as such. In New Orleans, it’s usually served with sausage. In the photo (right, as part of the NOLA medley, a great combo with gumbo and jambalaya), that of the cafe Maspero (601 Decatur Street), in “bowl ” version for $4. Composition side, no surprise compared to the denomination: rice and red beans (preparation, New Orleans is often called Red Beans & Rice) in the sauce. Once again, if you wish, you can try dozens of kinds, at random from the restaurants.

  1. Muffuletta

For the muffuletta, the origin is established. As its name might suggest, it is Italian. The main instigators of this delicious, well-stocked sandwich? The Central Grocery (923 Decatur Street). Their work in the photo on the opposite ($9.50 a half sandwich, cut in half. But that’s enough for one person, even for two). Get ready to stand in line. This time we’re talking about a real New Orleans specialty. Between the pieces of Italian sesame bread, comparable to focaccia, a pile of slices of salami, mortadella, ham, mozzarella, and provolone. To lighten things up a bit, a layer of marinated olives cut into pieces. All goes perfectly. Among the other facilities are regularly cited for their muffuletta, Pig Butcher, Mike Serio’s Po-boys, or Napoleon House.