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First You Make a Roux

It started innocently enough. And certainly was not part of a bigger plan. I attended a Johh Besh cookbook signing event, then stood in line to have him sign the books I’d bought. There was one that was for me. In the back of my head rattled Antique’s Roadshow saying that autographs are usually worth […]

Popping with NOLA-Living (and Dying)

Tonight, Sun and I went out on the town. Ok, fine. We went to the main library. But it was at night! And to hear Poppy Tooker discuss her new book project, Mme. Bégué’s Recipes of Old New Orleans Creole Cookery! It was delightful. Poppy signed her book for us, inscribing it in Sun’s name while at the […]

St. Joseph Altars, 2012

This year Sun and I headed out just the two of us to view a few St. Joseph altars. We started at St. Joseph’s Church. They had volunteers giving mini tours to explain various aspects of the altars. I opted to send up a petition for my grandmother. I don’t know what comes over my […]

Dim Sum and Dragons Too

We returned today with friends to get dim sum at Panda King in Gretna. This was my third visit. The thing about dim sum is that being little dishes, you want to taste a little of everything. But once you have been once or twice, there are some dishes you simply MUST HAVE at each […]

Red Beans and Rice-ly Yours

It’s that time of year in New Orleans: CARNIVAL TIME! And with carnival (yes, I call the season “Carnival,” and the final day of the season only “Mardi Gras.” My Maw Maw taught me right, after all. But I digress…) comes KING CAKE! I am a purist and do NOT eat king cake out of […]

Creole Turtle Soup

Every time I go to Galatoire’s, I find it hard to resist their turtle soup. My last bowl of it got me thinking about making it at home. So after talking it over with Pontchartain Pete, we decided to take it on. Historically, turtle soup gained popularity with the European explorations of the West Indies, […]

Gumbo: Yeah, Yeah!

Chill in the air, check. Saints playing on Sundays, check. It can only mean one thing. Time to check the freezer for andouille reserves, the pantry for filé powder, and get to the grocery for all the fixins. Yup, this weekend: Operation Chicken and Andouille Gumbo! I’m going to Baton Rouge at the end of […]

Gumbo Z’Herbes!

I got the idea about a month ago to cook Gumbo Z’Herbes, green gumbo, following Leah Chase’s recipe. But about as quickly as that thought popped into my head, I thought it even better to have Chef Chase make it for me herself.  I made such a comment on Facebook, and Native Palate immediately jumped […]

St. Joseph’s Day 2011

We headed to the St. Joseph altars today. My mother-in-law, exiled in Arizona, had asked that I get her a new St. Joseph’s medal since she lost hers in her move out of Ohio. That was excuse enough for us. We visited three: St. Louis Cathedral (and joined the crowd for the meal prepared for […]

A Butcher AND a Baker?

There was a reporting on Twitter that Cochon Butcher had its version of mini kingcakes too.  Now, I LOVE the Butcher–their sandwiches, meats and even praline bacon.  But cake?  Sans meat?  How could they compete in the mini kingcake war? For starters, they offer four flavors, cinnamon, praline, strawberries and cream, and chocolate. These cakes […]