All in the Family

by Nola

They say New Orleans is a small big city. Everyone knows everyone. And tonight is just another piece of evidence to the validity of these claims.

I worked the sweets table at my daughter’s school’s cabbage ball game with three other mothers. As the night grew quieter, we got to talking. And one thing led to another and the topic of my grandfather came up and where he lives. Down to his street. One mother, Darla, asked his house number. Well, don’t you know this woman I have now been friends with for two years realized tonight that she and her husband lived NEXT DOOR to my grandparents for about two years. My grandmother invited this then-twenty-something-year-old to join her weekly pokeno game, and she did! My friend played pokeno with my grandmother! Darla knew of my grandmother’s “spells” with depression and she informed me that my grandmother was one of the few true friends she had in that neighborhood. My grandmother meant a lot to Darla and is remembered fondly by her.

Somehow my grandmother seems a little more real again tonight due to her generosity of spirit and friendship living on in my friend’s memory, too. I miss that woman, and tonight that ache is just a bit more acute.

But, wait. There’s more.

My other friend, Laurel, upon hearing my grandfather’s full name asks if I am related to Mrs. Fox, a teacher at my daughter’s school. “Mrs. Fox?” I ask, “I don’t know but we are related to Mrs. Batt. Very distantly, but definitely connected,” I say. “Mrs. Batt is Mrs. Fox’s nephew’s wife,” Laurel explains to me. And just like that. I am related to TWO of Sun’s school’s teachers.

And really? This is just crazy, even for New Orleans. And I love it!!!

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