14-Day Challenge of Giving Thanks

by Nola

Just under a month ago on twitter, Jude Boudreaux put an offer to me to send a hand-written Thank You note a day for 14 days. It took me a bit to get started, what needing to get new stationary and a few gift cards for the big ones.

Yesterday was Day 1. My first Note and Lagniappe was to my assistant at my office. She’s awesome and keeps me at the top of my game. Last year, I took on a project (that has an annual deadline) that damn near took away my sanity. She was the reason I stayed sane AND made my deadline. I could give her a Thank You note every day and still be in debt to her. Yes, I am lucky. And what’s even luckier is that ALL of the assistants I’ve had at my firm and all from whom I’ve ever had to seek help are as good as her. I really need to add the office staff as No. 14….

Today was a Note and Gift Card. This one was to a new friend that loaned us a small generator last summer so my husband could re-open his shop after Hurricane Isaac. She is a volunteer at my kid’s school and her selflessness knows no ends. She is a true unsung hero. So my small gesture was an attempt to hum, if not outright sing, to that dear hero.

Tomorrow, I’ll be giving the next Note and Gift Card to my 84-year old grandfather. He took my family in for a week when our house was having work done on it. And he took in our cat (and the cat box) and our dog in his backyard. We totally tossed a monkey wrench into his schedule. And he was nothing but a gracious host about the whole thing.

That leaves me 11 more (ten if I decide to do an official Thanks to my entire staff). And these were easy/obvious/overdue ones. I have at least five more off the top of my head I can send. And another week in which to send them and perhaps find a new occasion to warrant a hand-written Thank You. Turns out, it’s not all that hard to think of things/people for which to give thanks.

Oh, and I owe Jude a Thank You for presenting me with this challenge! And now I put it to you! Will you send a hand-written Thank You note a day for 14 days? In an America of such abundance, it’s refreshing to give thanks and appreciation instead of seeking out MORE. Join me and you’ll find you will be thanking me AND Jude!


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