More Lessons from Isaac

by Nola

1. After 4 days, change the oil in your generator. If you want it to love and serve you for a long time, you need to love and serve it first. She deserves it!

2. Take time to talk to your neighbors before and after a storm. Get to know them. Offer what you can (in our case, a/c and a fridge for spoiling food). It’s just about the best thing a storm can do–bring your neighborhood together in a way no Nite Out for Crime or other such contrived event can.

3. Keep meds handy. I’ve had headaches almost every day. Not sure what’s the cause. But aspirin and migraine meds have been in constant use. And working.

4. Allow that you are stressed and may go through stages of anti-social behavior. It doesn’t mean, necessarily, that you are on the slippery slope to a long depression. It could just be your body’s way of telling you you need time to yourself. Take it, any way you can, if at all possible.

5. Be kind to each other, as best as possible. We are ALL stressed. And storms result in unexpected things happening–a roof leak; a generator mishap. Don’t play the Blame Game. Realize we are all in this together, and will get through it, and will get through it better together than alone.

6. Be grateful. Whether it’s for the return of power, or cable or internet. Or for a lack of serious damage, or for no harm to your car or your loved ones. Or all of the above. These are dark days and if you do your best to look on the bright side, there are shining lights of good all around. It’s not easy to stay positive the whole way through. And I am not suggesting you be Pollyanna about it. But when you hit that wall, and we ALL hit that wall at some point (or points), take a breath and KNOW your feelings are normal. And push through to the point where you KNOW that this too shall pass.

May we all be talking about our Isaac experience in the past tense VERY soon.


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