Relative Blessings

by Nola

The old adage is that everything is relative. And I know I tend to be a half-empty kinda person. I drive a 14 year old car by choice, but there are times I admit that I am shied by a fellow Mom in a BMW SUV: That I will be judged and found wanting because I don’t care that my car isn’t new and shiny. Or my house bigger. Or the number of my children higher. Or that I dare to have a career.

But this past week has been one, for reasons I can’t exactly pin down, of feeling quite Goldilocks-like. This life I’ve carved out for myself, had the audacity, even, to plan, certainly isn’t one that would be a right fit for everyone, but it fits damn near perfectly for me.

Blessings, I’ve got them. And it’s not always in my vision to see them. And that’s a pestering problem in my life. But as of now, this moment, this past week, I see clearly all the gifts my life offers me. And new ones presenting themselves daily if I but look.

A new friend said to me of her life with her husband of 20 years and their four children: “Life is better every day. Every single day.”

And if you but allow it to be so, it is. And it’s my singular goal now to harness this vision. To share it with Sun and CS. And to allow this just-right life to be just-enough even when shied by shiny baubles others possess.

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