Our German shephard, Zella, died earlier this year.  Zella did NOT like being inside.  She was a perimeter dog and felt caged in when indoors.  Our blue heeler, on the other hand, LOVES being inside.  But bringing Lucy in and leaving Zella out just upset Zella–she would then be miserable alone outside or with Lucy inside.  So Lucy stayed outside too.

Now that Zella is gone, we are acclimating Lucy (and ourselves) to having her being an indoor dog.  We are letting her inside when we are home so that she can learn her limits–which toys are hers and which are NOT; which food is hers and which is the (poor) cat’s; which rooms she cannot go in (the one with carpet).  We haven’t been brave enough to leave her inside to have the run of the place without us yet.

Just having her in and getting past that excited-to-have-inside-attention phase has been delightful.  She is such a happy dog, and she adds such a deeper layer to our family.  I am glad we are all enjoying each other.

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