Offline Lessons


After a rough start, I did it!  I stayed offline for a week.  It got easier each day, and by today I wasn’t even itching to get online.

So, what did I learn?

I learned that I go to bed several hours earlier when I am not online.  Gaining those 2+ hours of sleep has been wonderful.

Being consistently away from the computer gave me TIME.  Time to read (yanno, books), time to plan and throw a party, time to spend with my family.

What did I miss?  Here’s what I wasn’t sure about.  I missed googling things (and admit I had to bend and do a few, but just a few!, searches).  I also really missed Twitter; I missed twitter a lot.  But I also learned that I had let my time spent on Twitter become a bad habit.

And I missed reading your blogs.  And again, although I missed it, I learned that I spent too much time with blogs and not enough time with my family, books, knitting, writing….

So although I really, really, really missed Twitter and reading blogs, my time doing both going forward will be less.

I will continue to write on my blog as well as on a new project offline.  But my priorities have been readjusted.  This is a good thing.  And I hope my writing and my topics going forward reflect this new insight.

It’s so nice to have my fingers on the keys again!  Oh, internet, you are an underappreciated friend!

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