Control Alt Delete


I have been feeling this coming on for a while.  I need a break.  An announced, clear break.  Maybe it’s the election.  Maybe it’s my writing.  Maybe it’s my attention span.  But for whatever reason, I need to shut down and turn off the computer.  All of it.  No blogging (writing or reading), no e-mails (other than my work account), no twitter (gasp!), no Googling.

For one week.

When I return, well, I can’t tell you what to expect.  Maybe I will slavishly read every post of every blog I keep up with.  Or maybe I will mark all as read and start anew.  Or somewhere in between.  Or something completely different.  That’s the point.  I need to regroup and decide where my time is best spent.  What will I miss?  What won’t I miss?  What matters to me about my blog?  Is it the number of comments I get?  The number of hits I receive?  The ad dollars I earn?  Is it really about my writing? Or is it maintaining contact with the friends I’ve made? Or is it none of the above or something I have yet to fully realize?

The weather has cooled a bit here in New Orleans and is begging for me to be in it, outside.  And I have several projects on the home front I want to tackle, as well as a new writing project to which I want to commit serious time.

So, starting tonight at midnight until next Saturday at midnight, I am going offline.

Be well and wish me luck.

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