Gustav, or Why I ♥ Twitter


Gustav is underway.  And I have NOT been glued to the television.  As a matter of fact, it may as well be off.  We have it on but muted.  No, my addiction is Twitter.  It is instant gratification and information.  Instead of trying to figure which news channel to watch, which to trust (especially being away from our local news), I have turned to twitter to get and confirm information.  And then I started to watch live feed of local New Orleans news channels on the internet.

Then Maitri twittered this, “Ok, everyone, turn off the TV and watch these four local news stations (WGNO, WWL, WDSU and WVUE) at”  And now I can watch all four local news stations and turn the volume down on three and listen to the one I want to hear.  Then switch among all four.

And so as Gustav blows water over the top of the Industrial Canal (even though, as WeCouldBeFamous twittered, the Army Corps of Engineers say it isn’t an “overtopping” because the water level is still below the top of the wall and it is instead “tidal sloshing”) and punches New Orleans and nearing cities, we on the twitter are acting as neighbors and doing what we can to calm nerves and keep accurate information afloat.  Pete too posts about the help Twitter has been in this time of trouble and concern.  Great post (if you ignore those parts referencing me).

Here in the second floor of our Baton Rouge hotel, you’d not even know it was raining if you didn’t look out the window.  We are fine.  And hoping New Orleans and her levees stay intact.  And that the rest of the Gulf Coast weathers the storm well, too.

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