Yes, Virginia, There is a Green Santa


I have been focusing on staying positive through this holiday season.  And that should be easy since we are celebrating Sun’s first.  But as a new-parent, I already feel the pull to do more, buy more, consume more.

I have felt pressure to buy fancy clothes for Sun “for the holidays” and am constantly being asked what we’ll be getting Sun for Christmas.  The truth is, she’s not getting anything from “Santa” this year.  She’s six months old and likes to chew on the wrapped gift more than the toy inside.

And let’s face it, another toy, we do not need in our house.  And it’s easy this year to say no to it all.  Sun doesn’t speak and has no concept of Christmas and the manna from Heaven that falls from the sky on “good” kids.  Plus, she will get presents from friends and family.  How much does one six-month old really need?

But as the blogosphere is my witness, I WILL NOT become one of those parents that goes overboard with the presents.  And you know how I know I can do this?  Because it’s how I was raised.  We were not deprived in any way, but we certainly did not get everything we asked for under the tree.  And in the end, I distinctly remember feeling completely satisfied each Christmas and never like I was let down.  I recall the anticipation of it all as being exciting.  What would I get?  Would it be that doll I really wanted or a bunch of other stuff I thought I wanted when I saw it?   Somehow Santa always knew what my heart truly desired.  That, or a child likes the toy in the hand and not the toy in the bush.  Or something like that.

I have always considered myself “green” and have lapsed a bit of recent years.  But as a parent, that greenness is kicking in–there is so much waste in parenting!  The diapers, the clothes, the toys.  All used for short periods of time and then gone.  I like to reuse and recycle what I can, but the truth is that there are many items I can do without from the get go.  And, frankly, so can Sun.

I want to raise an environmentally conscious child.  And that starts at home.  And Christmas is a good start.  So although she may believe in Santa for years to come, it may not be the Santa her friends believe in.

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