Command Performance


Last night was my firm’s holiday dinner at Commander’s Palace. I don’t know if it is that I didn’t make it to last year’s soiree or that being a new mother, I don’t get a lot of adult interaction, but I enjoyed myself at last night’s party more than I can remember enjoying in a long time.

Steinbeck and a bizarre obituary were discussed; liquor was imbibed; good eats were consumed; friends were toasted and remembered. And a fellow picking on a banjo serenaded us. CS and I had the Last Straws, a dixieland band, play at our wedding reception; I was reminded of that night last night. And I got to hear “You are My Sunshine” and Christmas carols plucked on that banjo.

It was a joyous occassion. Taking maternity leave had the effect of allowing me to re-appreciate the great group of folks with whom I work. Damn, I’m lucky.

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