I Really DID Take the Handmade Pledge


As Christmas approaches and I find myself more on the ball than I usually am (how can I say that with a five-month old??), I have made a big decision. This is THE year! The year I vow to MAKE all of my own Christmas presents, or at the least buy handmade items.

So far, I’ve made a scarf for a five year old:

and have bought the yarn to make two more scarves for my nieces. And I’ve bought these two items from a local artist for others on my list:

And with my dreams of a successful cookie exchange, I hope to add baked items to my list of homemade goodies.

I’m curious to see how far I can make it. . . . Will I end up knitting toilet paper doilies? Will I venture into making jewelry with dried macaroni? Will my KitchenAid burn up with all the cookies I’ll be baking? I’ll keep you posted!

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