Something Old, Something New


Last night, we headed out for the annual Oktoberfest at the Deutschen Haus. I was in quite the foul mood on Thursday until I read the newspaper and was reminded of the fest. It is impossible for me to stay mad, I learned, with the chicken dance music playing in my head. I munched on my obligatory plate of German food (bratwurst, sauerkraut, stuffed cabbage roll, German mashed potatoes and pumpernickel bread with mustard):

and I drank the obligatory German beer (Warsteiner):

and it was all yum-tacular! Throw in some German desserts, the chicken dance and German music in the biergarten and color yourself one good time. See you next year, old friend.

Then this morning, I got up early and went to Yoga then came home and joined CS and Sun. We got the last of the fleurs (and discovered two more were stolen–one in Margaritaville, whose picture we had not taken yet, and the Saint’s one outside of Whitney National Bank on St. Charles–major bummer).

Then we ate lunch at La Peniche in the Faubourg Marigny. Love this place! Great bleu cheese burger and well needed bloody mary (why well needed? Because finding this place always drives me a bit batty. But it never fails to satisfy). We overheard an obvious tourist ask the waitress, “What exactly do you mean by ‘do I want my po-boy dressed?'” Tee hee.

Then off to something new: The Freret Market. There was food and live music and art. And there was also iced coffees and flea-market-type vendors and sellers of yarns and hand-knitted items! And adorable embroidered and tie-dyed onesies. We had a great time and are certain to be back (they will be there the first Saturday of every month).

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