NOLA Notes

Month: April, 2007

Lamaze and Taxes: a Slow Death

Well, Monday night was our first 3-hour Lamaze class. The long and the short of it is that it was BORING. My bum hurt after all that sitting and the videos weren’t scary at all. I am holding out hope that in the following weeks we will cover some topics over which I have anxiety […]

The French Quarter Revisted

Southern Mom posted a response to a blog recently posted by Pontchartrain Pete. Seems SM feels she has a different view than me and Pete of the French Quarter. After having given this some thought, I’d tend to agree with her. Here’s what I think is going on. Pete and I have many (separate) memories […]

A Problem of No Suffering

You know those experiences in your life, the ones that all but break you–but you survived and damned if you aren’t stronger for the whole thing? I’ve got my fair share of those. I’ve already posted about one of my earliest ones, but there are, oh, so many more. Most of these experiences were downright […]

Welcome to the Third Trimester!

That’s what the pregnancy website I visit weekly said today: “Welcome to the Third Trimester!” I am in Week 27 and am in the homestretch. These past few weeks, I have been filled with a lot of thoughts like these: “Goodbye, lazy Saturdays”; “Goodbye, personal hobbies”; “Goodbye, vacations as I know them.” The list goes […]

When It Rains, It Pours

I’ve been sick since Monday–some allergy/sinus thing that has me headachey with a sore throat. It happens whenever the weather changes by 20+ degrees overnight. Being pregnant, the only medicines I can take are Tylenol and Rubitusson DM–not much relief. Why is it when I am at work it seems I spend a lot of […]

My New Orleans Easter

We woke up Sunday morning and discovered the Easter Bunny had skipped our house. Apparently he got scared from the ham bone eating frenzy the dogs were in Saturday Night. CS screamed “HAPPY EASTER” to Sun and woke her up–she started jumping all around. We had a leisure-filled morning before heading to a friend’s house […]

Lazy Saturday in the City

So far, my three day weekend has been very nice. Saturday I actually started on the task of going through my things in the attic–something I haven’t done since moving in over five years ago. Plus I hemmed two curtains with my sewing machine that’s been stored away for about three years. Then I napped. […]

Nurseries Have Themes??

Since announcing we are expecting, we have had many inquiries as to what will be the theme of the nursery. At first, I thought, “Theme? We need a theme? Oy.” And then we bought a crib (cherry stained) and acquired my mother’s dresser from when she was a baby (white paint). We don’t even have […]

Easter’s A-Coming

Our office is closed today due to it being Good Friday. New Orleans is very catholic, so it’s a no-brainer that today the city is closed. Once, CS went to a local seafood restaurant on a Friday during Lent and (gasp!) ordered a hamburger. There was apparently a hush in the room before the waiter […]

On How Peanut Came to Live With Us

As I have already mentioned, we adopted a kitty to become the shop kitty of our new store. The idea was that Peanut was to live at the store. That’s what shop kitties do. But CS didn’t like that she’d be alone through the one day a week the store was closed. So on Sunday […]