One Gluttonous Day

by Nola

Saturday was all about food. I’d like to blame this gluttonous day on being pregnant, but I know that had nothing to do with it.

I started with lunch with two girlfriends at Bozo’s out in Metairie. This was my first time here, knowing only it was a seafood joint. I had hoped to go in and order a nice salad. Unfortunately, it is one of those “what seafood do you want deep fried?” places. And I slipped; I ended up ordering the combo plate–half fish, half oysters. Fried, or course, with a side of fries. Hey, if you are going to slip, slip all the way! I split my oysters with a friend that ordered half fish, half shrimp. The shrimp were my favorite–probably because the flavor reminded me of how my grandmother used to fry them. Overall, the food was good but not really remarkable. Nonetheless, I ate far more than I should have. I tend to be one of those that eats what’s put in front of her. It isn’t always pretty.

After leaving Bozo’s, I returned to Nor-Joe’s to pick up a half a muffaletta for the hubs. I had to try one bite just to decide for myself its caliber. Verdict: Best in the city! Even better than Central Grocery in the Quarter. That is saying a lot.

I then rested up and got ready for round two. We took another couple to dinner at Clancy’s–a sort of upscale neighborhood joint; a favorite among the locals. Excellent food and ambiance. We ordered salads and/or gumbo then got down to business with the entrees. I couldn’t resist ordering their risotto with lobster and mushrooms. This is one amazing dish. I am sure to be craving it soon. It has that kind of power over me.

CS ordered the seared sea scallops. A very close second in my mind to the risotto. Perfectly cooked scallops–not chewy or gooey–just perfection. J ordered the special of the day: speckled trout with lump crab meat on top. That was perfectly cooked and wonderful as well. And M ordered a crawfish pasta dish that looked delicious, too (I was too full to even taste this one). We each finished every morsel on our plates.

We were so good, in fact, that we earned dessert! I got their signature icebox lemon pie (yum!). CS got the brownie with homemade vanilla ice cream on top (HEAVEN!). And J and M each got one of the homemade ice creams. Decadence was the theme for the night. It was truly a delightful, albeit filling, evening.

I was reminded that the first time I had ever been to Clancy’s was with Pete. He e-mailed me before dinner asking if I had remembered that we caused a small table fire that night. I did remember going with him but could not recall what we ate or how the fire started. Here is Pete’s response to me:

We were drunk, downstairs, I think I got the veal chop, maybe you got some sort of soft-shelled crab dish? I really don’t remember. I do remember putting the breadbasket next to the candle and the linen napkin inside caught fire, I think one of us threw a glass of water on it. There was much laughter.

We caused a fire and didn’t get thrown out! And their soft-shelled crab is divine. Now that’s my kind of place.

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